It is said, “If you told a lie big enough and often enough, people would eventually believe it.” Sometimes we may believe things either because of tradition, or a popular and influential person claims it to be true, or perhaps a respected but ill-equipped scholar is presenting it as truth. We assume that they have investigated the subject and know, fully well, what they are talking about. But the time has come for us to responsibly do our own research, rather than depending on others to do it for us. If a person wants to visit a doctor for a particular health problem he will make sure that he goes to the right doctor who is an expert in his field. When we shop for perishable items like fruit, we are very careful about our selection, avoiding those items that are spoilt or bruised. We want the best foods to nourish our physical bodies. How much more do we need to be concerned about spiritual issues which have eternal consequences!

A great scholar said, “It is no sin to doubt some things, but it may be fatal to believe everything”. Before readily accepting any statement or opinion, we need to be certain they are true. All claims should be questioned. Sometimes people want to accept things because they like it. Another great philosopher said, “Nothing is easier than selfdeceit. For what each man wishes, that he also believes to be true.” If we want to be honest with ourselves we need to put our beliefs to the test and scrutinize and then see whether they stand. If they fail, we should know they are just opinions which are not based on the facts and evidences and the opinions held as true do not correspond to reality. With this intention in mind, let us discuss the following crucial issues. There are five fundamental issues of Christianity that are misunderstood by Muslims due to a lack of clear understanding and knowledge of the Bible. These five issues are:



(1) The Bible (Torah, Zabur and Injeel)

(2) The concept of God

(3) The Sonship of Jesus

(4) The Crucifixion of Jesus and

(5) Sin and Salvation (Eternal Life)